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Battery Pack Assembly Equipment

Top Quality Battery Assembly Equipment

Are you in search of high-quality battery assembly equipment? If so, your search end here as SNF Co., Ltd is your ultimate stop for quality products. Providing the best quality protective equipment, electric vehicle assembly and cylindrical battery assembly to our clients makes us the leading manufacturers of South Korea.

SNF is always striving to provide innovative technology that goes beyond the expectations of its customers. We try new things to give you a better customer experience and be among the top manufacturers of battery pack assembly equipment.

Features Of Our Battery Assembly Equipment:

Sophisticated Design:

This is the most technologically advanced portable battery pack assembly equipment we have ever made. High-discharge technology ensures safe operation in any environment.


It is an auto jump starter, portable power bank, and LED flashlight all in one. Smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices can be recharged.

Refined Mounting:

Mounting has been redefined, allowing for quick and straightforward installs in any orientation.

Versatile Compatibility:

Charges many batteries, including standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle.

Why Choose Us As The Top Manufacturer Of Battery Pack Assembly Equipment?


We have been manufacturing battery assembly equipment for over a decade. Since our founding, we have been consistently focused on technology development that can cause measurable productivity benefits.

Our experience has taught us how to develop battery pack assembly equipment that is both durable and stiff, as well as the most user-friendly and powerfully uncomplicated control technology in the industry.

Advanced Technology:

To create high-quality battery pack assembly equipment, we use all the latest available tools in the industry. We are among the top manufacturers in the marketplace since not every manufacturer uses innovative technologies.

The workforce of Experts:

We only engage the best professionals in the battery assembly equipment industry. We ensure qualified workers are retained and that we continue to lead the industry. Each of our personnel knows how to build the equipment in the most efficient method feasible.

We have a good probability of maintaining our market position as the top manufacturers of battery pack assembly equipment in South Korea because of our skilled employees.


Product features
▪ Welding Vision Inspection
▪ Lamination Vision & Taping presence inspection
▪ Gap inspection between Jelly Roll and Cap ASS’Y
▪ Can Insert Height Check
▪ Cell tracking function


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