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Electrolyte Filling
March 15, 2022
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Electric Vehicle Assembly
March 15, 2022

Prismatic Battery Assembly

The Best Quality Prismatic Battery Assembly

SNF Co., Ltd is one of the top manufacturers of prismatic battery assembly, cylindrical battery assembly, electric Vehicle assembly and battery assembly equipment. Our mission as a well-known company is to continue to meet clients’ demands through our personnel and experience, both of which are crucial to our success.

What Is Prismatic Battery Assembly Line?

From the connection of the winder and stacker to positive pressure helium testing and discharging of the final battery, the manufacturing line performs over ten procedures. The entire line (including the logistics line) is divided into over ten machines and can produce four different variants of the same product.

To achieve intelligent manufacturing, the assembly line uses an MES system, intelligent logistics, and warehousing. A coordinated halting mechanism is used using sensors and electric motors, which considerably lowers dust creation.

Features Of Our Prismatic Battery Assembly:

Appearance Upgrade:

Continuously improving the visual design of the EV battery assembly lines and attempting to give the entire lines a more technological aspect

Integration of the control platform:

Integrated control, hardware elimination, and a 50% decrease in maintenance labor.

Data Management Platform:

Building a new digital platform (real-time inspection of result of inserting cell into housing) as a transition from automation to digital management of activities.

Supporting Online Repair:

Setting up independent repair methods, implementing record extraction, and coverage of multi-layered information makes us the top manufacturers of the prismatic battery assembly.

Equipment Feeding:

It is reasonable and simple. Intelligent online warehouse; equipment feeding is reasonable and simple.’

Why Choose Us?


We are seasoned manufacturers of prismatic battery assembly. The assembly is complex and we are well-versed in it. We are mindful of market needs and user requirements.


We have all the personal and financial resources necessary to create the prismatic battery assembly. We are continually on the lookout for new ways and methods to manufacture our tins to meet our clients’ needs.


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